Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's a WIN/WIN!

Get cash discounts for your unloved furniture AND your trade-Ins will be donated to charity!

2013 Furniture Trends!

This year it’s all about mixing furniture styles for a unique, individualized look!

Patterns- Pair patterns with solids to get a perfect mix of color and interest!

Accent Pieces- Mix into decor some handcrafted/hand painted wood pieces to add interest to any room.  Rooms can get boring with all the same wood tones so switch it up with fun unique pieces like this Bombe chest from Hooker Furniture.

Beds with storage-With many finding themselves downsizing or with a small bedroom, many are looking for more storage solutions.  What better way to store extra linens or winter sweaters than in storage at the end or side of the bed! has many capabilities and wood/finish options.  Check out this bed from the Jamestown square collection:

Smaller scaled pieces of furniture- Again, with people downsizing into smaller homes, furniture also needs to fit!  Smith Brothers does a great job producing styles that not only fit well into smaller spaces but are stylish as well!  Check out this style that is 75":

Tufted sofas- Whether it is for an office, den, living room, or great room, tufted sofas offer a stylish yet comfortable approach to making any room go from ordinary to classic.  We have many companies that offer such a stylish look.  Check out this sofa from Rowe Furniture-Robin Bruce:

Office furniture-With todays busy lifestyles a lot of people are working from home, which is making the demand for attractive yet functional office furniture in the home.  Check out this set from Hooker Furniture- Dansforth collection:

Color! Color! Color!- whether it is on the walls, on a chair, or on pillows and accessories, do not be afraid to express yourself with color!  If you opt for more neutral furniture, paint an accent wall, or find a lighter shade of your favorite color and go crazy on all the walls in a room.  Even a simple vase in an eye-catching color can make a room have a sense of happiness.

Have fun decorating your home and updating this season!